The marathon of life

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I am not sure that I can call myself a “runner”, but I do love to run. I love the freedom it brings me and the way I can start my day with very little effort. And I am grateful every day that I decided to join the race of life. I let everyone pass me as I sat on the curb and watched it happen. I wasn’t ready to join, thinking that everyone else had such a big head start and that it wouldn’t matter to start now. But when true “runners” train for a marathon, they start slow and gradually work themselves up to running faster and farther. When Rock and I started running over a year and a half ago, I couldn’t run from my house to the end of the block (I am the second house from the corner), but eventually her crazy “10 more steps” rule pushed me to do more than even I thought I could. Maybe even more than she thought I could. After all, there is a reason why she is Rocky and I am Mick. But life isn’t supposed to be a sprint – it is a marathon. You have to pace yourself and sometimes, there are hills on the course than make you gather the very last bit of strength (that you are sure you don’t have) to get you to the other side. There are times when things are flat and seem to be effortless as you cruise pass the cheering crowd. Of course, if there are hills you have to climb, then you know there are going to be the downhills and you almost pick up speed as you really take charge of what is in front of you and conquer everything in your way. But, this does not happen over night. It takes months and hard work and dedication. It means some days you may have the best intentions and other distractions become your focus (kitty) temporarily. When those times comes up (because they will), what you do next does not mean that you are done forever. It means you made a choice and you can still choose something else. So, when you get on your running shoes today and walk outside your door to embrace this new day you have been given, don’t worry about where you are in the race. It doesn’t matter when…it matters that you participated. Begin your marathon today.

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