Turn Around

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I saw a quote last night that read something like, “If you continue to stare at the closed-door in front of you, then you usually do not see the open door that just opened up behind you.”  And then, I started thinking about how many times do the flight attendants remind us on our flights that “your closest exits may be behind you.”  Where am I going with this?  I am merely trying to point out that we always look ahead.  Straight ahead.  We don’t shift our eyes to see another perspective.  We have the blinders on and whatever is directly in our line of sight is all there is to see.  Right?  Sound like someone you know?  I know people who see things their way and only their way is what matters.  They are closed off, pretentious, and single-minded.  They are more motivated by believing they are right than understanding that other people have very valid opinions as well.  They only see the closed-door.  In some ways, I feel sorry for these people because they are eternally stuck.  They just cannot fathom that things could be different if they would just turn around and see what else is there. It can be difficult leaving what you know and some people have become so defined by other people so their entire identity becomes lost when that door is closed.  Maybe because of no fault of anyone, that door remains closed forever. Living in the past is a closed-door and until you realize that it is over and you must move on, then living in the past never allows you to live in the present or even prepare for the future. You have to let it go.  It will never be the same again.  But what if you just turned 180 degrees to see what is open behind you? What if everything you had ever wanted was just there — waiting for you to be embraced and treasured — would you turn around then?  It can be different.  Be open to new things and treasure what you no longer have. Nothing stays the same forever. Perspective can take you in so many different directions and you just have to be open to them.  Your walled off opinions keep you enclosed and if you are happy living that way, go for it. But, I would rather see all I can.  I don’t want to waste my time standing in front of something that will never open again.  It’s over. New beginnings start when a new opens and you choose to walk through it. Will it be the same?  No.  Will it be exciting and adventurous? Absolutely. I am going to keep walking, looking for open doors and I just may find myself in a spot when what I need most is to “Turn Around” by Matt Maher

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