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I often wondered what today would feel like even though I never thought this day would come.  And even though this day may not be significant to others, today…this day…is something special to me.  It is the first day of a new life. As I was out on my morning walk, thinking about what happens next, I was greeted by an old friend — some thing I have not seen in some time, but the glow from the sunrise welcomed me and reminded me that this is where I belong. As I headed for home and just listened to the birds waking up, being aware of my breathing, my mind was calm.  From time to time, I would catch myself smiling to no one else but the darkness of the sky behind me and the many houses that had yet to stir. I also started to recall the steps I took to get here and it was four years ago, when I wrote my Life Statement.  It was a solid vow I made to only me — to live the life I wanted to and to lead by example, with some bouts of courage and humor sprinkled in for good measure. As one chapter for me ends and another begins, it would be impossible for me to retrace my steps because, truthfully, I don’t know how I got here.   A few chances were taken when I wanted to run.  Pretty sure there many questions that I couldn’t answer. (Some, I still can’t.) I have shared the story many times, and I have a hard time believing it too.  But I know it is real.  I know that people have come into my life and their sole purpose was to believe in me, just as I believed in them. Trying to understand what cannot be explained left me exhausted, so my only option was to truly embrace the journey.  I have surrendered to what I am being called to do and to share my gifts with those around me. For the first 40 years of my life, I had to see the entire staircase before I took a single step.    I had to believe in every step before I could take the first one.  Now, I don’t have to see any steps — I just leap.  I close my eyes and fall into what I was born to do.  I feel free.  As one friend told me, it is like having a blank canvas in front of me and I get to throw some colors on it and see how it becomes beautiful. I hope all of your days are just as special, but in this moment, for me, it starts today. Because today is “Something Special to Me” by Colbie Caillat


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