We don’t like to be challenged

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We like comfortable.  We like what we know.  We don’t like to be challenged.  We don’t like doing something we aren’t good at.  The truth is that no one grows UNTIL we are challenged.  When the “A’s” come too easily in school, the guidance counselors bump us up into the Honors classes.  When lifting 50 pounds in a leg lift gets too easy, we add more weight. Some people shy away from the challenge.  It can be scary and the unknown can feel overwhelming.  I used to be a runner.  In so many ways, I ran.  I ran from things and situations that made me go places I didn’t want to go.  I could feel the “fight or flight” adrenaline kicking in as I was forced to make a choice.  I took the easy choice in some cases and took a 180 degree turn in others that were much more difficult.  When I became a true runner, I did not believe in my ability to run “10 more steps” and always wanted to quit way too soon.  Why?  Because I did not think I could do it.  I thought I would fail.  Failing someone else has never been something I worry about…I worry about failing myself.  Not measuring up to the expectations I set for myself.  Maybe you have a challenge that you are faced with right now and you are unsure which decision will be the right one.  Maybe taking the easy road is your “normal” direction, but you are tired of ending up with the same results.  Maybe you have an itch that you can’t quite get to, but you know it is there.  Ever wondered if you could? Ever wondered what it would look like?  Ever wondered what it would feel like?  I don’t take the easy way out of too many things and even if I look stupid as I walk out, I can hold my head high as I quietly say to myself, “At least I had the guts to try.” Maybe by me being brave, I inspire others to find a little courage too.  No one likes being called out in a situation where they don’t feel comfortable, but here is where is where it gets good…because it is ONLY in the challenges that we feel more comfortable and do things better! It doesn’t matter what it is — every situation works the same way! I am used to wearing tennis shoes and jeans and feel very “unlike” me when I wear a dress and heels.  (Yes, I have worn both!) But I also notice that although the feeling of fear and uneasiness exist at the beginning, I slowly begin to feel more comfortable than I did at the beginning.  (Still — not totally in my element, but trying anyway.)  I was thinking about the challenges that I have wanted to run from and the ones I now run towards this week as I end one chapter of my life to write a new one, that includes building something from nothing.  The excitement about what lay before me does not intimidate me. I believe in the good fight, even if the fight seems unwinnable. I am inspired by people who overcome tests that I might find too difficult to handle.  I don’t believe in excuses — of any kind. Excuses allow people to run from challenges and they never get better.  They never grow.  So, the next time you feel that adrenaline rushing through your body and you are faced with making a decision — making a choice where one keeps you retreating and safe and the other pushes you to be more, I hope you always pick the latter.  Most of us regret not living up to our potential and always wish we had done more.  Well, here’s your chance to do more.  Go for it. Stand out. Challenge yourself. Let’s see what you can do.  “Go the Distance” (from “Hercules”) by Michael Bolton

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