Trusting our destiny

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“Knowing” is the title of a Nicholas Cage movie and the thought of knowing came up again last night as I was watching another movie.  What if there was a pre-set plan for you and if you were told what that plan was before it actually happened?  What would you do if you knew in order to follow that plan you would have to give up something that you loved?  I think it would be difficult to choose.  But the best part is that because we don’t know our present plan…our destiny…we have to trust what is given to us.  We have to trust what we are shown and pay attention to those signs that could change our lives forever.  I tried to hide from life for too many years and what I couldn’t hide from, I tried to ignore.  Even the smallest things that I thought were mere happenstance became significant when paired with some other minor thing.  They all began to add up and told me what my heart had been trying to tell me, but I was afraid to see it.  At my first meeting of the G.I.F.T., I told the ladies there that I do not have all of the answers, not even those to the questions I ask myself every day.  I still don’t.  But I am always asking the questions, even when something seemingly so trivial to me comes to light because it just might have a bigger message.  And I need to pay attention.  Can follow our dreams be that pre-set plan?  Are those imbedded into our soul prior to our birth and it is our responsibility to listen to the calls of our soul and follow out what was already decided?  What happens if we don’t?  Does our plan have to make sense to us before we choose to chase after it?  Lately, I have been reminded of another movie where a voice whispers, “If you build it, they will come.” In that movie, Kevin Costner is freaked out about all of these voices and signs that are coming out of no where, but he feels compelled to follow their heed.  It is almost as if he has no choice but to plow through (no pun intended on the movie) and trust whatever happens next, never knowing what that will be.  I am building it and believe they will come…don’t you?  Instead, we consent to allow our soul speak to us as we travel towards our destiny, believing that getting there is part of that rollercoaster.  Hands Up!!!

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