Endless ripple effect

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Everything we do and everything we say affects something else.  Even those things we could never imagine.  I am reminded of how Rocky and I met on an every other normal day in February in 201o and to where we are now.  My saying, “Have a great day!” or “Hi!” as she walked past my office that day changed our lives forever and in ways we never even really thought much about either.  The rest, they say, is history.  But do you ever stop and think that you doing or saying something and even if it is so minute and insignificant to you that it can cause a ripple effect in someone else?  People always notice the big things because they are big.  But I believe that the small things can mean just as much and sometimes more.  But we forget about the small things…we believe that saying, “Good morning!” to a stranger should have no affect on them.  But it can totally change their outlook for the rest of the day.  Maybe your warm greeting reminds them to be grateful for blessings even if they are worried about other life stuff.  It can be sending a friend a holiday wish or just to say “HAGD!” You start the ripple that becomes endless.  From that point on the ripple continues, even when you can’t see it any longer.  A young man stopped by to see me yesterday and we had a nice little chat about what he wants for his future and what he needs to do to make it happen.  I started that ripple many months ago and he comes back to get a bigger wave of the same dose of information.  The ripple has grown small in his mind so he comes back so the impact will be felt more.  We all need to have ripples in our lives because they are reminders of those that reach out to us and those that we reach out to in return.  Sometimes, it seems like we are the only ones dropping the stones in the pond, creating ripples while no one else seems to take the time to do the same.  You can change and impact people with what you say and do, even if you think you can’t.  But because we never know where the ripples go and who else they touch, you cannot just believe that it doesn’t make a difference.  If you knew you had one chance to affect someone’s life forever by something little shared, would you do it?  Of course you would!  You have to understand that the endless ripple effect begins with YOU! Eventually, the ripples come back to you, in ways you could never have even understood if even in a dream.

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