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I had a conversation today with someone who is grieving the loss of someone she cared for very much and believes now that the relationship is over.  As unfortunate as the circumstances are that befell this situation, the only thing that are left are the memories.  Those memories are going to be filled with special moments that are engrained forever in our minds.  The person that is dealing with this said to me that, “the last three years have been a mistake.”  I disagreed wholeheartedly.  Regardless of whether or not this relationship is over or finds a way to be saved through grace and forgiveness, those treasured moments shared were never mistakes.  No regrets.  Ever.  Maybe things do not end up the way both parties would have imagined them ever being, but something that should be considered as an error and that they wished had never happened.  They only wish the pain they now feel was something they were not experiencing.  I get that.  No one wishes for bad things to happen.  No one.  But the truth is that they do.  I have lived for almost 44 years and although things I did not want happened to me, there were no mistakes.  The point I was trying to make to this woman is that she should treasure the moments she remembers and keep those close instead of wishing the whole thing would go away.  That is easy to do…just throw away the person and the hurt that I currently feel instead of learning from the lessons that person taught you and those times that will always make you smile.  There are no mistakes, but persective is everything.  Look at what is gained, not lost.

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