A little nudging

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We all need a little nudging every once in a while.  Sometimes the nudging comes in the form of ways that we would not consider “nudging”, but more like a “push” or a big “shove”.  I remember a time when I was probably shoved to do something against my will and I was angry about it.  Mostly, because it did not matter what I said or did…I was over ruled.  And for three days that I carried that resentment and anger and was stuck in that moment until I was told to find something positive about that situation.  Only then, did I realize that I never want that situation to repeat itself (it hasn’t), nor do I want those people who were around me to look the way they did that day.  There are ways we can gently nudge people to change their lives, and at times we may not even realize that we are doing it.  I know when I lost weight, people told me that I inspired them to do something for themselves and they began to go to the gym and stopped making excuses.  When I have spoken to groups, I am nudging them to look at life differently and eventually they will understand that there are still choices to be made, even if they think there aren’t.  Nudging can be viewed as encouragement.  I know we all need a little encouragement in our lives, don’t you think?  We all need to know that what we are doing is making ourselves and those around us better and in turn, we make the world better.  We all cherish those special moments that can never be redone, but will never be forgotten.  We all hope that what we bring to the table is enough to invoke change and our uniqueness is really something special.  We all love those people who have come into or are currently a part of our lives with the understanding that we are different because of their impact on us.  There are hidden events of nudging that we may never really see that way, until now.  I have been nudged to try new things that I was otherwise not comfortable doing – for example, running at 5am; shopping (still makes me nervous, but I do it); and accepting compliments.  People nudge us because of one thing…they believe in us.  They see what we could be and if we stop being afraid and trust ourselves, there is no limit to what we can do.  So, as you approach your day, see how your little nudges can encourage someone to be more than they ever thought possible, by little things we say and do.  And in return, accept the little nudges that come your way as well.  And to believe it all started with a little nudging…

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