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Have you seen it? Really seen it? Then if you have seen it, have you been so there that you felt the same as they did? I did today. I saw true happiness and joy and elation. Nothing was going to stop her. ABSOLUTELY nothing. She was on cloud 9 and I was right along side her. I got to give a great friend a HUGE hug when she told me she did it. She took a giant leap and changed her life forever by choosing to let go of her past and look forward towards her future. A future I am not sure she believed she had, even a few years ago. She was going through the motions and existing. Today, she was thriving and living. No regrets about what has been done and no guarantees. I LOVE IT!!!! I have never seen her so excited, even though she said she thought was going to be sick while she made her announcement. But she did it. I am so proud of HER. I found myself getting smiles when I thought about it during the day. I could not help it. Still can’t as I type this post. Today is her day.  Today is the day she actively chose to act on her dreams and passions and is steps closer to making them a reality. Not baby steps, either. Giant leaps. Even one at a time moves you. She took a chance today and is definitely moving forward in a direction that she might not have ever thought she would take. Many years wasted on settling for what is instead of what could be had taken its toll on her and those that care about her. But not today. Today, she was not going to be denied. Today, I saw a her bloom like I have never seen before. I am grateful to her for sharing it with me as I would have never forgiven myself for not being there. Actually, if I had to compare, she might have shined brighter than the sun. It takes my breath away even now. You may wonder if you have seen this type of “light” before when someone you love changes their life forever. But understand this…it will not be mistaken for anything else because you will know it when you see it. And today, I saw it.

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