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What can happen in 15 minutes? A lot! You can give birth to a baby. You can marry your high school sweetheart. You can run a mile. You can submit your resignation. You can hear of tragedy that can crumble your very world. The list goes on. In a short amount of time, new ideas have presented themselves where I have been focused on something else. Not to say that my previous focus will be dismissed, but that I have more to think about. I have a lot to think about and process and need to be in the right frame of mind to get there. The book I am reading now talks about how when we are passionately driven towards something, we will always be drawn to the excitement of it and that will diminish the fears that go along with it. I was reminded of a time where I spent 15 minutes with someone and shared with them my perspective on a particular subject. This is important because I previously had said that my impact on her mom could not be significant because I had only spent 3 hours with her. Then, it came – the reminder of “15 minutes”. I was asked to complete a task today that could ultimately lead me in a different direction than where I thought I was heading. Maybe not a completely different direction, but maybe just another branch growing from the same tree. What can you do in 15 minutes? Wash your car? Update people on happenings via Facebook? Or can you do something bigger, better, and that will leave people wanting 15 minutes more? Can you spare 15 minutes? There is nothing more important than the relationships we have with people and we need to take time to invest in those relationships. 15 minutes is not too much to ask. Some of the greatest ideas, friendships, and adventures start with 15 minutes. Where are you in your life? Is there something you want to change, but not sure you have the time? You can make a change. You can choose to do something different. You can decide what is important and what is not. My attitude about this new idea changed 15 minutes after I last spoke of it and here I am writing about it. That should tell me something. Make the time…after all, it is only 15 minutes.

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