Going where we never thought we would go

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Today is a HUGE day for a very dear friend. She is going somewhere she has never been as she chooses to change her life. She cannot see what tomorrow will tell her, nor does she know what the next day after will bring. But she has faith – in her passion and in her abilities. I admire her commitment and dedication to following this through and loved seeing that she was definitely showing her MOXIE today. Seeing her smile today and how happy she was got me thinking this morning. I remember how far we have come, in a short amount of time, and then remembered about how I was feeling yesterday about having to do something I was extremely nervous about. I have gone places, done things, and thought things I never would have gone, done, or thought ever. But I did. I am constantly changing my perspective on new experiences, different attitudes, and welcoming challenges. “To get what you never had, you have to do something you never did.” If you want different, choose different. Even if you feel like it will break you. Even if you feel like you are not strong enough. Someone once told me that she never had the strength or courage until I came into her life. I told her she had always had both – I just gave her permission to use them. Because I believed in her (still do!). It simply dumbfounds me how much we can be capable of when we have someone say, “I believe in you.” It empowers you and inspires you to be so much more than what is before you now. It is so important for our children to hear these words and know that you are there for them. It is also important for us to hear them and believe them. And know that you may be in situations where you can repay that favor. I was visiting with a baseball mom over the weekend who mentions to me about another possible venue I should maybe tap into because it is needed. It certainly peaked my interest and has me thinking. Maybe that is someplace I need to go. I am humbled when you still read these posts and hopefully find something good from them. Where is that you want to go? It can feel like you are in a tug-of-war when you are one place and your heart is telling you to be somewhere else. I am there. Not sure of what to do or even how to do it. I must have the same faith my friend does and go where I never thought I would go. I will find it, and when I do, you will know it. It will be much, much bigger than this blog. Go where you have not been. Go where you never thought you would go – it could change your life forever. Today, for my friend, changing her life Starts Today.

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