Are you ready for the unexpected?

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Well, are you? Even the best planner cannot think of everything. They just can’t. You and I both know it. So, how can you be ready for the unexpected? When you don’t expect anything, anything can happen. Don’t be so uptight – don’t feel like you must have control – don’t wonder what’s going to happen next. Live in the moment, whatever moment that happens to be in front of you at THAT moment! I know, I know. You are all saying, “Are you telling us this or yourself?” A little of both. I can practice what I preach when I preach it. If I say it out loud, it becomes more real. Someone taught me that. I re-read these posts because I have to make sure that I am still on track. The unexpected can blind-side you, make you take a step back, or catch your breath. Sometimes, the unexpected is a good thing – where chance meetings and casual conversations turn into life changing events that might not have ever happened. Other times, the unexpected is not so good. But even with those things that occur that we don’t want, we have to understand that even those events have a purpose. We cannot plan for those people who come into or leave our lives or those events that shape our lives going forward. There are always going to be times when you will always remember where you were when something that changed the world happened. Our country was not ready for the unexpected events that took place on September 11, 2001. Welcome and allow those good and wonderful things that happen. Appreciate the joy and happiness that they will bring you. Be open to and choose to be happy when things don’t maybe go the way you thought they would. Maybe they happened as they were meant to.

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