Time never changes the memory

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I was fiddling around today on the computer and came across some pictures that I am very grateful to have and it reminded me I needed to get back into my scrapbooking. Those pictures are just quick reminders of those times and time can never change that memory. In fact, those pictures solidify what we recall from times gone past in case we have forgotten some minor details. Regardless of how old we get, how distance separates us, or how less we talk, time will never change the memory. It is easy to forget because the memory seems to be long gone. Seconds turn into minutes that turn into hours that turn into days that turns into years. And then those moments are gone. Forever. But I can chuckle about when our sons did funny things when they were younger or how excited they were when we brought the new puppy home. I remember the day I got married like it was yesterday and when I first moved to Nebraska. As much as time steals from me that I can never get back, it can never take my memories. Some are mine alone and others are shared, but either way they exist and certain ones have left an imprint on me that will never wash away. I exist because of those memories and my experiences that led up to them and proceeded after them. Hold your memories close…because sometimes that is all you have and time will not discriminate who it takes moments from in this world. Memories will come in many ways…pictures taken, words spoken, songs heard…feelings will take you back and you will remember that memory.

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