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We all take up space in this world, but are we using the space we take up wisely? Is there something that you see that needs to be done that just doesn’t get done by someone else? I pick up pieces of paper that I see on the floor at work and put them in the trash, but I often wonder how many other people just walked past it. It is not like you have to be an employee to know where to put the trash, but people just move past that responsibility because it is “not their problem” or they are in a hurry. I love those commercials where someone helps someone and other people seem to notice it and then repeat a kind gesture to someone else. That’s called paying it forward. I know I have gotten myself involved in things that others either ignored or didn’t get anywhere. It is not like I have some special powers or something, but if you believe in something so strongly that you want to say something or do something, then maybe that is the void you are meant to fill. The G.I.F.T. is a perfect example of filling the void. All these women were lacking in finding their direction and I am sure that the majority of them either dismissed those thoughts are dumb and felt that they were alone. That no one else must feel like I do. Everyone else looks like they are holding it together, so what’s wrong with me? Yes, these women are coming to realize that they all have something in common – they are trying to fill the void in their life. Now, we all don’t have a void to fill that is so enormous that the planet’s inhabitants’ well-being rests on our next decision. It can be something so much smaller…and so it begins with being aware of what is around you and what you can do to make your world better. I think most people enjoy serving others in some capacity, but are unsure how. Serving others does not have to be a long committment but can fill us with such joy that it gets carried over into other aspects of our life. My love of service came by accident and is was not my major in college. No regrets. Ask yourself what void you could fill and do it. It will also fill your heart. And then you will reach again…and again…

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