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Have you heard that story before? From your parents when you were younger? Maybe from your dearest friend? Blah, blah, blah…Telling you not what you WANT to hear, but what you NEED to hear? Yeah, been there, done that. I am sure we all have. It can be difficult when someone calls us to the table on things and maybe even throws our own words back at us, if the situation was reversed. We can be angry and frustrated right then, but eventually we accept and forgive them. I remember when someone completely ignored the words I was saying because she was concerned for my safety. I was being selfish in my regard to knowing that I could handle it all. I didn’t want to admit it, but I was probably scared and went into defense mode without really thinking about it. Sometimes, we need people to keep us accountable and make sure that we are not getting ahead of ourselves or not forgetting about what really matters. We all get caught up in moments from time to time and we just need a little check and balance. We may not know it at the time, but they do what they do because they care. Even when we don’t agree with it…even when we don’t like it…even if it makes us figure it out on our own. When you are confronted with situations like this, do you attack others in an aggressive manner or share with them how you are worried. All of the worrying in the world doesn’t change anything. Letting go of trying to help too much is the only way of allowing others learn what they have to learn. When we don’t allow others to struggle, they don’t grow. Babies won’t learn to walk if we carry them all the time. It is hard to watch people we love fall and get hurt, but we have to let them go. It doesn’t make it easy…it makes it necessary. If they know that you have their best interest at heart, they will always forgive you because you love them.

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