The winds of life

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Today was the first day in about a month that I went out for my walk. I know, I am not at my running pace, but I needed to get outside and enjoy the sun. But as I was walking more normal route, I encountered the winds. But I found that the winds reminded me of life. At times, the winds seem to be still, as I just kept my pace with everything else with no real effort on my part as I traveled the hard asphalt underneath the rubber soles laced on my feet. Other times, I found myself almost being carried by the winds, as it gently allowed me to rise above the ground I was firmly planted on and float. Then, it felt as if I was walking right into a brick wall, moving forward meant taking a step back and forging ahead. Those winds reminded me of life. It seemed like just when I thought I knew the winds were coming out of the south, something would hit me from the north. Life is like the winds…it gives us calmness and a status quo when things are moving along normally, with no real big events either good or bad. We sometimes feel like we are flying, like no one can take the wind of our sails because we are riding on excitement and are loving the ride. Then, there are the struggles, the hardships, and the moments of pain that feel like we are unable to move forward. We get stuck and shut people out because doing what’s easy becomes our focus. Life is like the winds I encountered today…changing at the drop of a hat, never really telling me what is just around the corner. The winds are something you feel, so you they are there, but you can use them to make life what it is…an adventure. Love the winds!

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