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We have all seen something catch fire, to become totally engulfed, and then become tiny particles of ash. But, my most favorite part is just to see something being ignited….to see just the spark to get its life at the starting gate. When you know that going back is not an option. I love to see it in little flare ups, when no one is looking, but I notice. When some else’s life can be different because of some deed done or words said. It all matters. My dad sent me a video this week that reminds me of the way we can ignite something in others, but words we say. I am sure that you will love this video as much as I do…


Now, after watching that, how does that makes you feel? That taking just a few moments of your time can change EVERYTHING for someone else, without expecting anything in return. I have seen the sun shine in my office and I have seen people be more than they ever thought they could be because of the desire to be more. We all need a little encouragement…something to get us thinking, something to get us feeling, something to get us living again. Ignite courage in others so they don’t have to live in fear…ignite strength in others so they forget their weaknesses…ignite the soul so that the head knows it no longer leads…ignite the role you were meant to play…ignite the Army of One to allow others to follow…ignite the light so others may see…ignite!

Michelle Homme 2012 ©

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