Where you don’t belong

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Have you ever felt uncomfortable when you were some place and you knew you shouldn’t be there or not sure if it mattered if you were there? I am sure we all have. I remember going to a then-friend’s son’s graduation party and feeling like everyone had their eyes on me and I couldn’t wait to get out of there after saying my polite “congratulations” and drop off my card. Do we take obligations like that and go just because we were invited, even if you know you shouldn’t go? I know I have felt uncomfortable attending a “spa” party that was given last spring. In fact, the turning of magazine pages were a reminder to keep my attitude in check, but I was not comfortable. It was out of my league and I did not want to feel dumb. Everyone else was going to love the “foot massage” and “mini facial” and I wanted to just bee-line to the door as fast as I could. But, I stayed enjoyed it the best I could and knew it would not be something I would probably do again anytime soon. We all have some dysfunction in our lives, and even when we think no one else has it like us, we still find a way to get through it. Even when it is uncomfortable and people say mean things that really don’t need to be said. Are you some place that you know you don’t belong? You know it when you feel it, don’t you? Here is the interesting part…you know it when you are some place where you belong, too, don’t you? Yes, you feel that too.

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