Happy New Year!

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As we embrace this new year and all of its ventures yet unlived and views yet unseen, we take time to also reflect on where we have just come. 2011 was full of wonderful memories, precious times, and people who I love. I treasure every snapshot I can recollect and will always treasure my yesterdays. Some memories make me laugh and giggle, and others bring tears – both happy and sad. I had to live the experiences in 2011 so that I could get to 2012 and be ready for all that has in store for me. I know not where I am headed, but with my hands held high and loved ones around me, I have no doubt that it will be another fabulous year. I am sure it will be full of stumbles I will take, runs I will make, and people I will not forsake. I expect to fully “embrace this journey” and learn as much about being “my best self” to this life I have been given. Won’t you join me? Happy New Year.

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