The sun never stops shining

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Yesterday, we woke up to a nice little dusting of snow on the ground with the temperature in the 20’s as I went for a run at 5am.  Yes, I have already been told I am crazy.  Believe it or not, I wasn’t cold.  Levels of crazy come with added warmth, don’t you know that?  LOL!  As the morning began, there were still some light clouds covering the sky we could not see and before 10am, the sun was shining, like it always does.  Of course, that got me thinking.  How many things in our lives exist, even if we can’t see it?  Even if we can’t feel it?  But we know it is still there.  We have grown accustomed to accepting that the sun will always shine as it warms our planet, along with the degrees of warmth it provides the other planets in our solar system.  Do we ever shine, even when people can’t see it?  Or do we wait until we can be seen before we shine?  We need to shine all the time, even if someone can’t see it or feel it.  That is what we are meant to do; that is our purpose.  Just as the sun’s purpose is to shine…all the time.  If we wait until we think someone is watching us before we shine, then we may be missing opportunities we should have taken to share ourselves with others.  Nothing brings me greater joy than watching my loved ones shine.  Even if they are not shining specifically for me, I can still feel it.  They glow.  I am reminded of a day last spring when someone walked into my office and was so bright that the sun might’ve seemed dull that day.  She absolutely was radiant and it was priceless.  What makes you shine?  What do you LOVE?  Be a sun to all of us and share your brilliant self as that is what you are meant to do.  On a cloudy day or on a rainy thunderstorm night, the sun never stops shining.  Neither should we.  SHINE!!! 🙂

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