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The paths we have chosen and those chosen for us tell our story.  Even if we don’t want anyone to know about where we have been, but eventually our past is revealed in small ways that we don’t even see.  Have you ever found yourself in a moment when you were telling a story and as you listened to the words come out of your mouth as the truth, that you were not sure you even believed that story?  And you were there?  Maybe it was something you saw that wouldn’t have normally happened or trying to make sense of it all really doesn’t ever really make sense and it never will.  I found myself in that situation this week as I retold a story that I have felt like I have told a million times and even though I was there and know how it ends, I find myself unable to be where I am today without including that story.  It is impossible.  I just finished a book by Squire Rushnell called “When God Winks At You” and am getting ready to hand it off to a friend to read.  Our story can only be told one way…and it may not be the way we wished it would be told, but that is our story.  Events occur to us that we wish had never happened…experiences are so memorable we want to hold onto them forever…people come into and out of our lives as we each travel our destined road.  But if we changed one thing, just one small minor detail, then we would not be able to tell the story we tell today.  Our tale would be different somehow and maybe the worse of it eventually leads to something better. “Even bad choices lead to good lessons.”   How do you tell your story?  If it is one that you are ashamed to tell, what can you do to change that?  Can asking for forgiveness give you new hope?  I have not been one to take the easy road and nor do I have any plans to start now.  However, I have had to travel MY road and along the way, have many great stories to tell that will stay with me forever.  Every day, I still travel my path and hope that my story someday, somehow, becomes a part of your story.  I have seen that happen too.  Tell your story by living your life to the fullest and giving more of yourself to all of us that our stories become better because you played a part in it.

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