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This time of year, we are all scrambling around, trying to beat the clock for whatever holiday we choose to celebrate.  Having just gorged ourselves on turkey and pumpkin pie, we could all probably use a little “hustle and bustle” to help us keep our figures looking their best, but instead it just causes more stress and work.  If you are one of those people who sends Christmas cards, then that job in itself is more than just one task.  For example, you have to take the Christmas photo – if you can’t take one, then you have to find a few from your summer vacation or activities over the last year that shows everyone just how big everyone has grown (mostly for the kids, but sometimes it is the adults too).  You only have three memory cards to look through to find just those perfect pictures that highlight the non-chaos you are feeling right at this moment.  Then, once that is done, you have to load your pictures on a website or take them to a store to have 50 cards printed.  Once you receive those, then comes the fun of addressing them all and putting postage on them all and getting them to the post office.  Whew!  Do you see what I am saying??  Because our time is so precious this time of year, here are a few ideas on how to take 15 minutes to be calm and refocus so that you can get done what needs doing.

  • Take a warm, bubble bath.  I am not a big bath person, but sometimes, you just need it.  Listen to your iPod with a little glass of wine.
  • Catch up reading. Pick up that novel coated in dust, be inspired by your favorite blog (hint), or just read about the latest gossip.
  • Exercise. Take a Zumba class, practice your boxing on the Wii, or go for a walk.  Who doesn’t like to practice hitting things?
  • Bake.  My boys love pumpkin bars and brownies, but I let them eat most of them…I said most.
  • Connect with an old friend. Send a quick note or give them a call.  Chances are, you are allowing them to take their 15 minutes too!
  • Wash your car. It sounds crazy, but a little pride after a job well done always makes us feel better. Plus, we drive around looking even more cool.
  • Do what you love!  Whether it is drawing or painting, scrapbooking, or writing, it allows your innermost self to shine.

So, in this crazy time of the year, take 15 minutes to rejuvenate what your soul is aching for and needs.  We all have the same amount of time each day and you can use the other 23 hours and 45 minutes, worrying about what tasks have yet to be done.  But, make yourself this promise that you will REQUIRE 15 minutes for yourself…every day.  It is what will keep you sane, grounded, and calm.  If we know this happens every year, why do we do it to ourselves every year?  Remember, it is always a choice we make.  Take your 15!

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