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Sometimes, I am speechless about where our society has come where we seem to be not paying attention to where we are headed.  I read recently that parents are actually hiring people to teach their kids to ride their bikes.  Are you serious?  Really?  Aren’t there some “responsibilities” that are inherent upon us as parents that we can make time in our busy schedules for our own kids?  I see this every day — parents shucking (yes, that is a technical term) off what they should be doing which puts that burden on someone else.  Have we gotten to that point?  I admire someone more who steps up, admits their errors and makes up for it than someone who shies away from and deflects their part in the wrongdoing.  We still have to care more about others than about ourselves.  Owning the duty that was given to us once we became parents would be questioned by those same parents should they lose their parental rights.  Own up to what you may have to do.  I know during this time of year, priorities can get pushed aside and the people associated with them maybe are forgotten temporarily.  Our society has grasped onto the idea of “Don’t say anything until you have to say something” and I find that very sad that we have gotten to that point.  Own what is yours.  Don’t be lazy and pick the easy way.  It is easier to do nothing and that is why people pick it so often…it is easier to sleep in…it is easier not to tell someone you are thinking of them…it is easier to stay in your comfort zone.  Every thing that we know that is great was achieved because someone said to themselves, “I am not going to do this the easy way.”  They persevered and push through tough times, where perspective changes to see a better way to carry out the same goal in an even better way.  What do you need to own?  What are you afraid of because it is easier NOT to do it?  For someone who had moments of regret, I choose that no longer.  My life will not be dictated by the wishes I had never made, the words never said, or the dreams never pursued.  “Living with failure is easier than living with regret.”  And, so I ask you, are you going to own it?  Are you going to do what you are designed to do?  It is not the easy way, either.

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