The right to be heard

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I was driving in the car the other day and I heard the DJ say, “If someone who has been kicked and chooses to get up, they have earned the right to be heard.”  WOW!  That got my attention.  Don’t you agree with that?  I sure do!  For those of us where life has not been easy, we find more inspiration in those stories where the underdog overcomes the struggles placed at its feet and fights for success and glory.  How many “feel good” stories are there that have been made into movies that we fall in love with?  “Cinderella Man”, “The Blind Side”, etc…the list will be endless.  How many more are out there that haven’t been shared with the world?  Probably too many to count.  The people who inspire me are the ones who have lived through troubles that I could never imagine.  Whose lives aren’t perfect and they admit that they aren’t.  When unexpected showed up at their door step and brought them something they never asked for in the first place.  Not one of us could claim a picture perfect life where adversity hasn’t made us dig deep to find out what we are really made of inside.  Heartbreak, loss of life, uncertainty, and doubt have all crept into our minds and souls at one time or another, but we get to choose how long they stay.  We all have a story to tell.  What does your story say about you?  Do you want people to believe that your life was well-lived?  That you earned the right to be heard because you got up and refused to stay down?  Who inspires you?  Why?  What can you do to make those others who are broken be heard?  I heard more about LG’s story yesterday and it made me weep.  Tragedy struck and left him with cards to hold he never asked for and would have turned down, if he had been given that chance.  But he wasn’t.  So he did the best he could with what he had and it failed him.  But not anymore.  Now, on that baseball field he has earned the right to be heard.  And I am listening.

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