Going alone

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Yesterday, I watched a commercial on TV and came up with this…”Going your own way doesn’t mean going alone.”  It just means you are not willing to follow what everyone else is doing.  It also means that you have people who will support you in whatever you decide to do.  I have always believed that because something is important to someone I love, then that something becomes important to me because I love that person.  Going alone can mean many things, but for me it just means that I have to travel my path and not someone else’s.  People are going to develop opinions and judge me for the decisions and choices I do and don’t make.  I cannot control any of that and would not want to.  I am going to make some people extremely joyous and others might suffer for those same reasons.  I run or walk in the morning by myself but have never felt alone.  I know the route like the back of my hand and have the love of the music softly whispering in my ears to keep me company.  It also is a great time for me to think.  To think about how I want to spend my day and what I can bring to the table.  How I can make someone else’s day by letting them know I was thinking about them.  To wonder about the surprises life will unfold to me today.  Do you ever feel like you are alone?  That no one could ever possibly know what you are feeling and even trying to share it would never do it its full justice?  Then, someone comes along and says things that you only wish you had the courage to say.  And as you ponder what insignificant steps brought you to that point, you almost want to pinch yourself to ensure that this is real.  We deny that it happened because it seems impossible that it could have happened in the way it did, but you know it did.  Just as it did.  I ask questions of myself and also suggest to others to ask themselves questions that only they can answer.  That journey must be their’s alone as they can be the only one that feels it.  But know that you are never alone.  Your course is lined with the people who love you and support you, as if you were running a race.  This is YOUR pathway to the rest of your life, but you always have me with you.

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