Choosing your path

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So, I was watching a moving the other day and came across a couple of words that made me think I needed to expand on them and share them with you here.  I have talked a lot about choices and how we can choose our attitude and how we can choose our friends, and we choose to conquer our fears.  But what if all of the choices we have made in our lives were not really ours to begin with?  What if we thought we were making those choices and by making those choices, we were led to more choices, and so on?  When we choose to attend vet school or go into the military, is it really us making those choices to do that for our jobs?  Or is it something bigger?  Here is the big question….ready….”WHAT IF WE DON’T CHOOSE OUR PATH, BUT IT CHOOSES US INSTEAD?”  I know…it gets you right about there, doesn’t it?  I have said that the people who have come into (and perhaps out of) my life and the experiences were there for a reason, but I didn’t know what I was supposed to learn.  What if everything has already been predetermined or destined to happen a certain way and when signs are there and opportunities exist, and we ignore them?  We push everything aside because we think we know which way is the best and we feel compelled to do what we think is right.  But what about our path?  I never saw myself leaving Southern California with a move to Nebraska.  I never saw my life leading me where I am right now.  Never once did I think, “Hey, I’m going to write a blog and maybe be an Army of One to change the world.”  Not once.  Yet, here I am and I cannot imagine not being here.  Not for one second.  You don’t choose a life…you live one.  And I am here to live my life.I did not choose this path I travel.  I believe it chose me.


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