The randomness of life that makes perfect sense

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How many times have we looked at something and dismissed it as being insignificant?  How many times have we heard a word in an every-day conversation that sticks out among every other word, taking us back to a moment left a long time ago?  How many times has something seemed so coincidental that no rational thought can make sense of it, no matter how hard we try?

Some of us don’t believe in destiny or fate.  They believe that everything is left to chance.

Ever since I can remember, I have always believed that things happen for a reason.  Maybe I didn’t know or understand the reason, but I never questioned the way the Universe worked.  In some ways, it was nice knowing that someone other than me was in charge of everything going on in this world.

For some reason, it just makes sense to me.

But many people never see the way things are connected.  But there are stories of them everywhere.  People that got up late on the morning of 9-11 that prevented them from being in one of the Towers when they came crashing down.  Others that helped someone — just for the sake of helping — only to find out how much that gesture meant years later.

Questions come to the surface like, “Why me?” “Why now?” and others that include, “Why does that matter to me?” “How else can you explain it?”

I used to be one who had to know the reason…

Okay, usually, I still do.

But then there are others, when no explanation, no matter how hard I try to come up with one, will make it make sense.

stars and universe


Do you believe that the patterns of the stars are random or are the result of some grand design?  But ever since the beginning of astronomy, people were looking for something that others had overlooked for years.  I mean, the stars have been there for a really long time, right?  But it took someone looking at something a little differently so that it would sense to the rest of us.  And those constellations are now something we can recognize every day.

Have you ever had a moment that you tried to understand, but couldn’t?  Even when you explained it to others, it sounded crazier every time you shared the same story?

Well, let me tell you a story that will leave you wondering just as it does me, some five and a half years later.

Over five years ago, without any warning, my life changed forever.  In ways I never saw coming or could have imagined.  A friend and I had somehow come to the same crossroad, although we had taken very different roads to get there and we found ourselves searching for answers to Life’s “big” questions like, “What do I do with my life?” “Is this all my life is supposed to be?”  and without s moment’s hesitation, I replied, “Maybe we are ready to receive it now.”

NO ONE talks that way in normal, every day conversation.  We just don’t.

At the time, I didn’t feel any different, but that was short-lived because within a few hours, these profound words started coming to me, and I couldn’t explain where they were coming from or why.  This ABSOLUTELY made no sense to me.  So, I traded texts with my friend who suggested that I start writing down what I was feeling and the words that seemed to be rising from somewhere deep within.

Will full abandon from everything I knew. I started to write.



About six weeks later, someone extraordinary would pass by my office and a simple, “Have a great day!” turned into something that neither one of us can fully explain, even now. It’s been five and a half years now.  So as every-day as someone walking around at work and saying hello to a co-worker is, this was a complete act of something bigger.  Something that isn’t meant to be understood. And so began a connection that cannot be severed.  There is this constant pull, like gravity, that prevents us from getting too far apart from one another.

Every thing in life has a purpose.  There is a reason for its role in our lives.  So as you mosey through your daily tasks, do not be surprised by the things you never saw coming…they just might be exactly what you need when you need it.  And that makes perfect sense. 

We are surprised every day with little things that somehow leave an impression that cannot be dismissed so easily as others.  Because it means something.  Life will give you the tools needed to allow you to live up to your potential.  It is up to you to see them for more than what they are.  Chances are, they have a much bigger significance than you realize.  And then you know…


best things are accidents


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