FITGIRL Teen Empowerment Camp comes to Omaha!!!

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Here is a great story from our one of our local TV stations highlighting the FITGIRL Teen Empowerment Camp that concludes tomorrow in Omaha.  The girls have learned how to do a little yoga, some great warm-up exercises and have been trying some new foods too.  Every day, a guest speaker has come in to teach them about make-up and hair.  We have also talked to them about being positive and being true to who they are, instead of letting others decide that for them.

On Friday, I will be speaking to the girls about “Being Your Best You” where we will talk about what that means, about how giving a simple compliment can change your entire day, and how none of us are perfect.  I will also be leaving them with a few inspirations as well to keep thinking even after the camp is over.

FITGIRL Teen Empowerment Camp

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