Get a little feisty: Go after a life you want

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The other day, I was sitting at a baseball game (story of my life lately) and there are just some things that happen during a baseball game that get people a little riled up — a double play to end the threat of runs coming across home plate…a called third strike on the best hitter of the other team.  Even the fans get into the game (sometimes, too much) and start yelling things they maybe shouldn’t be yelling.  I love a good baseball game.  I love watching the aggressiveness that comes from a squeeze play with a bunt to score the tying run. I love the competitiveness that comes from each player as they dig deep into every talent, skill, and bit of knowledge to help their team win the game, even if they sit on the bench more than they would like. I love the passion that comes through with every swing of the bat, every catch of the ball, and every step any player makes.  Every member of that team has a role to play…whether it be the bullpen catcher to the coach to the ball boy.  When the first pitch is thrown and the announcer loudly says, “Let’s play ball!” over the PA system, we are in that moment of getting after something we want.

Baseball reminds me about life…

…how we can have an easy fly ball hit to us in left field and we drop it…when seeing the perfect pitch coming down the pipe and we swing and miss it…when we hit a ball in the gap and clear the bases with the winning run…when we have to battle back after giving up a hit or two.

Too often, people just enjoy the game…they never really pay much attention to it.  They convince themselves that they are just there to watch and don’t really care which team wins.  That may be true.  Maybe you root for the home team or for the team that seems to be the underdog.  Maybe you find something to connect with one team or another.  That is how you get sucked in.  I have seen some baseball fans get a little too involved in games, especially when it comes to a difference of opinion by the umpires.

When you associate yourself in something, you own a small piece of it, not matter how little.  And when things get a little heated…a tad involved, you will generate some energy that will take you places you never thought you would go.  Maybe even places you shouldn’t go.

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learning curve

When was the last time you got involved in something that got you a little stirred up?

When was the last time you forged through animosity and turmoil because you knew it was the right thing to do?

What’s missing from YOUR life?  If you want something different, go get it.  No more excuses.  No more reasons why not.  No more delays.  Get after the life you want…be aggressive with the life you have been given.  Make something happen with it.  

Life is short, but, it brings everything it needs to you.  You can choose to stand and watch and pretend that none of it means anything or you can find a thing or two that get you excited about living.  You see, life doesn’t care how much money you have or who you know — we all are given chances to make our lives memorable. When things get exciting, we step up our game.

Life welcomes the spunky.  It beckons the gutsy.  It tempts the courageous.  It entices the fiery.

Just like every baseball game.

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