The Musso Treatment

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I just finished reading a novel about a family that leaves their life in California to try a year in Italy, in hopes of getting back to the basics and saving the marriage that used to be so important. It took this family a year to learn a new language, figure out how the buses worked, and yet it was the best year of their lives.  They didn’t have a plan set up ahead of time and went with whatever came their way because they didn’t have a choice.  It brought their family closer and built memories that will never be taken away.  Through the adventures told by the wife, Susan, they come across many wonderful, giving, people that include a couple called Musso.  Because a family married into another family, the families treated each other as if the other were royalty, making sure that they were well fed, comfortable, and all of their needs were met.  I started thinking why we don’t care that much about other people in our lives?   Why can’t we give a compliment because it is easy, but we think it doesn’t matter.  Why don’t we take the time to pick up our neighbor’s paper and put it on the porch when it’s raining or icy out?  Why do we not give effortlessly without expecting anything in return?  When we do those things we become selfish.  We forget about others and focus on ourselves.  We all do it from time to time.  I know I am guilty of it and I am sure you are too.  But what if we really started to give each other the Musso Treatment.  First, I am sure we would be astonished by the reaction we receive, but wouldn’t that make it awesome???  What I found most extraordinary in this story is that this generosity was not taught in school is was a part of who these people were; it was a part of their soul.  I try to give to someone every day, even if they never know it is me.  Even if no one ever knows I did it.  It can be something simple, like picking up a piece of trash from the carpet or opening the door for someone.  So, I challenge you to see if you can start living the life of a Musso…and give those around you the Musso Treatment!!  Happy FDW!

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