Love until it hurts

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Here is another one of those things that happens to all of us.  Where we love so much that it actually hurts and the pain and tears come because we have given so much of our heart away.  Sometimes, our heart is given to those who will not receive it.  Other times, our heart was never accepted to begin with, for whatever reason.  And yet still, there are times when we give our hearts away, and we receive a heart in return and then something happens that maybe could never be explained.  The love you have freely given to someone else is thrown away and you are quite heartbroken.  You sob at the loss of the love lost because of someone else’s choosing and nothing you say or do is going to change it.  You hold onto to the wish that will never be fulfilled.  But have you also ever loved so much that it hurt to admit it?  That asking for forgiveness felt like you would break?  To tell someone how you really felt and how it scared you and made you so nervous that you thought you would be sick?  Love hurts at times.  Married couples argue, friends have different opinions, family members just don’t quite get it.  Admitting that we have all been in a situation like this is not a bad thing…it is a human thing…and letting go it harder to do than we think it is.  When walking away is the only solution that you come up with and then you wait, never knowing if that love lost will be returned.  You go on with your life, living as if it doesn’t bother you, and every thing appears “normal”.  We all would have to say we have done that as well.  That we put up the front so as not to show others what is really going on.  When life throws curve balls at us, we have choices to make.  We can let them take us out of the game or we can learn to swing at them, knowing we might miss, but we also may get a little bat on the ball…enough to put the ball in play.  Love hurts.  Love isn’t always pretty and good and full of bliss.  Sometimes, it is ugly and it leaves scars that never heal.  But if you truly love unconditionally, then it will never hurt.  It shouldn’t anyway, and you know it.  But never give up on love…especially when it hurts.

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