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I never thought about what I do here as my being at “the front of the line.”  Now, hear me out because I am not one to toot my own horn and people who really know me, know that is true.  I remember once disputing with Rocky about the dream I had and what difference could I make in other people’s lives.  Why was what I am doing important to anyone else?  I was just me…no real education with letters after my name or extra paper on the wall…no big endorsement from some huge company…I brought nothing else to the table.  Just me.  Last weekend, a friend and I attended a concert with Mandisa and Laura Story and loved it and one of the phrases that was used during intermission was that we ALL need to view what we do as our responsibility.  I had a hard time accepting that anything I said or did could have an effect so powerful on others that it would motivate them to change their lives.  For many years, I never really thought too much about what my “purpose” was or whether or not I was put here for a reason.  I didn’t believe that it was fate or my destiny.  In fact, it would probably be safe to say that I tried to muddle through life, just getting by, with the least amount of fanfare as possible.  Then, something happened two years ago and even to this day it would be futile for me to try to explain it, so I don’t.  I was hesitant about starting the G.I.F.T., but also felt compelled to do so with urging and nudging from good friends.  I accepted the chance to speak in front of about 300 people in November, but never looked at it as my responsibility.  Here is what I want you all to think about today…when we are at the front of the line, that means someone else is behind us – whether it be in the middle or the back of the line.  Those at the front of the line have something the others do not have – the ability to sing and dance…the talent of accessorizing an outfit with the right scarf or jewelry…the patience to hear someone’s troubles…the confidence to say what needs to be said…we all have our purpose and now it is a duty you must follow because with it comes responsibility.  I had never looked at what I do that way before.  Here is another thought…if we give the world and everyone in it everything we have and don’t hold back, then eventually there is no back of the line.  If there is, then those that were there come to the front of the line and we “pay it forward”. We all become better…we all become stronger…we all become more…won’t you join me at the front of the line?

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