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A couple of years ago, I was given a key to something so valuable, I was unsure I was worthy enough to have it.  In fact, I was surprised at the ease of the giver and yet humbled because of the responsibility it bestowed upon me at the same time.  Although, I have never been asked to use this key, I still treasure it.  It is symbolic of the dreams that were unfolding some time ago that now have become true reality and when I see it, it reminds me of where it all started.  We hold the keys to our successes and dreams.  We just have to find the confidence to unlock them.  Using the key is our way to do that.  There is a picture that hangs across from my desk that I look at every day and I have mentioned it before in earlier posts and it is a reminder of just how far people can go in pursuing their dreams.  It has become one of my most treasured possessions and at the bottom, it reads, “Develop your dreams and you create passion.  Develop the dreams of others and you create heaven.”  Do you wonder if have the key to change your life?  Sometimes, what inspires us most to change our lives doesn’t always come from within, but from watching others do the same.  And then, do we have the gather the courage to do something about it.  Us women get to the point where we know where we want to go and even if we don’t have all the answers yet figured out, we are going to get through it.  We may need to rely on friends and family, or go back to our soul to truly find our center, but we will keep trying.  Once step at a time.  YOU hold the key to everything you want in this life.  There are several doors that you will come to in this life and some will be more difficult to open than others.  But you have to believe that EVERY door can be opened.  That is the sole purpose of the door — to be opened.  I have the key to developing my dreams and have created my life.  But I never thought I would have the key to create heaven for others.  I never thought I would be the one.  Sometimes, we are not searching for our own keys but for the keys of others that we meet along our way.  And, when we stumble upon those keys, remember this…what you hold could be heaven to someone else and open doors never before seen.  I know…I have the key to prove it.

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