Be obsessive about your dream

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What is your dream?  Is it just a dream or is it something that pulls at you like a three-year old toddler hanging on your leg, wanting to go into the toy section at the store?  Is this you?  Is it someone you know?  “A dream you don’t fight for can haunt you forever.” – unknown.  Have you become so mindful of every day living that you have forgotten what speaks to you from your soul?  Situations and experiences will come to you and as you look back, you will be reminded of what life you are intended to live.  People will show up at your doorstep, unannounced never the less, and leave a mark on you that will last a lifetime.  When are you the happiest?  Where do you find joy?  This week, I went to dinner with a couple of co-workers and I shared more with them about my dream, including how it started and where it has led me to as of right now.  I did not share with them where I hope this dream takes me, but it is not something that will go away.  I have invested too much into it so far — and not in money — but with my heart.  Speaking of cost, what price are you willing to pay if you do nothing in pursuit of your dream?  Will the expense of regret be something you can live with forever?  Does saying, “I could have”, “I should have” or the “I wish I had” become easier to live with because you have a little money in a 401k?  Dreams don’t come cheap and I have never seen one on sale.  There are no discounts or Groupons that allow you to get your dream at a less expensive price.  It just does not happen.  You have to work at it…EVERY DAY!  And even when you think nothing is happening in front of you, there could be a great deal of things going on around you that you just cannot see yet.  That happened to me this week as more opportunities are on the horizon that make me smile.  What is your dream?  I know I have asked that question many times and until your answer is the same, you haven’t found it yet.  Where have you found yourself when you cannot imagine being anywhere else?  When you are happy and smile and love life?  Look at those times because they will lead you to your dream, even if you don’t want to see it.  It is not about finding an answer — it is about finding the right answer for you.  Once you know what your dream is, never let it go.  Even if you have to hold onto it by your pinky on your non-dominant hand.  When you want to give up because it is easier to do that.  Become so engulfed in what you want to be and how you need to get there that it swallows you and when it spits you back out, you become who you have always been and who you were born to be.  It is there.  It has such a strong hold on me that I could never let it go, but have the freedom to move freely (which is a good thing because I get claustrophobic).  Where is your dream?  Don’t look far because it is right there..within you.  You just have to see it, believe it, and feel it.  And then the real fun begins because you get to LIVE it!!

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