God winked at me

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I have believed for some time that EVERY thing happens for a reason.  Whether we understand or like the reason is irrelevant.  It has a purpose.  But up until about 8 months ago, I didn’t know the term, “God winked at me” but adopted it after reading a book with a similar name.  The book is a collection of stories of how seemingly random, every day decisions are made that somehow lead people to places and others that coule have never been planned.  God has winked at me a couple of times in those 8 months, but two of them have happened over the course of two days and I thought I would share these moments with you.  Maybe you can relate.  I will tell you that it freaked me out…still does when I think about it.  I sometimes think this kind of stuff only happens to me — or at least, that is what I have been told.

The weather is finally getting to where I can get back into my normal running routing in the morning, so this past Monday was a great time to start.  Usually, once I have the iPod on, I just go and my thoughts run rampant just like my legs.  But that morning, I was thinking about a dear friend and I quietly, said to myself, “If you love her, let her go and someday, she will come back to you.”   I told no one that I said that.  Little did I know that in the next few hours of my day, that would she show up in my office to surprise me.  THE SAME DAY!  That morning, God winked at me.  Maybe He winked at her too.

For those that know me personally, I am not one to ever be vulnerable, so for me say this in this format, it must be important.  This week has me in unfamiliar territory as yesterday seemed like I could have just burst into tears at a moment’s notice, for the craziest of reasons.  I mean, someone could have said “blue” and that would have sent the river of tears over the banks.  Emotions are running high and I can feel that they are right on the verge, so I text my sister in California and tell her, “I just feel like I could just cry.” I am alone in my office and have had a pretty normal day, but the next thing I hear is the lady DJ on the radio say, “Do you ever feel like you just need a good cry?” and she keeps talking about it and I seriously got up from my chair, looked around my office (someone has to be there, right?) and checked to see WHO I texted to make sure I really did send the text to my sister. (I did.)  Oh, My Gosh!!  I know…right???  God winked at me yesterday too.

Has this ever happened to you?  When random things that make no sense somehow add up to together to only make perfect sense?  Lives are changed by unpredictable moments defined by arbitrary experiences, chance meetings, and people all thrown in together to land us in an opportunity that can be gone in a second. I hope you have had a couple of these moments in your life.  They will catch you off guard, leave you speechless, and change you forever. Things happen for a reason to all of us and when that happens…God winks.  And that is some kind of wink.

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