The appointment you were meant to keep

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I read this phrase in a new book I read by Mark Nepo called “Seven Thousand Ways to Listen” and found it very intriguing.  We live our lives by a schedule every day of our lives, but we seem to not be putting the most important one on our calendar.  It gets overlooked and dismissed.  We pretend it does not exist.  Do you know what appointment I am referring to in this post?  Well, if not, I will tell you.  It is the appointment in your life that you were destined to attend and yet you never show up.  You skip it.  Are you listening to the voice inside that calls from time to time?  Too many of us ignore it and just try to get through each day, hoping the voice doesn’t call again.  I used to put off going to the dentist when we first moved here because of a bad experience I had when I was younger.  Does this sound like you?  But the truth is that when we do that, it makes it so much worse when we finally have to go in because of the ache we feel.  We should not wait until we are in such pain because we do not live the way we should.  We just get by and hope it works out.  If the symptoms we are experiencing get bad enough, then we will need to seek treatment, but it will not be under our terms.  It will be because we have no other choice. Sometimes, we learn more about what we are meant to do by missing that appointment, but eventually the call comes to us.  Even when we are not ready.  But we truly begin to live our lives — our true lives — when we stop avoiding the main reason we are here.  Does this sound like anyone you know?  Have you forgotten about something you knew needed to get done, only to just set up another time to reschedule it for another date?  What happens if you keep doing that?  No one ever believes you if you keep saying you will do something and you never do.  You just become good at making the appointment.  Anybody can do that by picking up the phone and asking the questions.  But what if you had the courage to not just make the appointment, but keep it?  What if it becomes your “center” and through it, you develop into who you were born to be?  Who you have ALWAYS been but never knew it?  It is only through the keeping of the date that you realize that destiny has dictated that you live a very specific life.  When you finally become open to what you need to do, you will never miss that appointment ever again.

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