The Hard Way

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I’m not sure why I thought about this subject this morning. Maybe it is because I am back on the dreaded elliptical as the weather turns colder. Rocky doesn’t come anymore (I understand why), so getting up and staying motivated is different now. I remembering telling my husband that I get up to run/walk/elliptical not for her, but for me, but it is easier to get up when you know someone is going to be at your door at 5am. But I also started thinking about the life I’ve led and to some it may seem that I’ve lived it the hard way. Not intentionally or by choice, but I guess by design. By someone else’s design. When I was growing up, I didn’t know any different life, but knew there were certain things I did want or didn’t want. There are things and people I have fought for and would commit to for life. Choices were made that might have made me struggle, but through that I learned what I am capable of and what I can accomplish. When you love something and treasure it so much that it pains your very core to be without it, you will do all you can to keep it. We all feel, at some time or another, that life is not perfect…that we think it is unfair…but when we struggle, we learn. We grow…we change our attitude…we accept. As much as we would pick something different for us, maybe that in itself is meant to teach us something. Although this was hard for us and we grieved for life lost, for something unfulfilled, we also know that this was the way we were meant to travel. It was designed for us. People that have everything given to them would never know how to survive outside their little perfect world because you and I know the world isn’t perfect. So remind yourself today that if something is in front of you that you are having to confront, know and accept that it is there for a reason. It’s going to be hard to make you make notice of it.  Somewhere, in the middle of the strife and chaos, there is a lesson. I know I learn lessons all the time…even those I don’t want to. Sometimes, the hard way is the only way and after a few scars and mistakes made along the way, you have to realize that this is the designed way.

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