Being frightened is a good thing

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Michelle Homme 2011 ©

I know we might not think so, but I think this is true. I mean, when we are a little on edge and nervous, we are paying very close attention to what is going on around us. Not having all of the answers and being in a new place take us where we have never been before. If we are always in the status quo, then we never do anything new, never feel anything new, never learn anything new, etc. We don’t have all of the answers, and not knowing what is just around that bend that is waiting for us is a great thing. We should be ok with the rollercoaster ride we are on and put our hands up as we travel the track of life. Just like the ride, there are parts where we anticipate the long upward climb, as we hear the gears on the track inching us closer to the top. Then we travel downwards, at speeds we are sure we are not meant to travel, with twists and turns, and minor bumps, and everything else it will throw our way. But during that time, we might be afraid and scream (some of us more than others), we might laugh, we might smile. But, all in all, we love it. We are no longer afraid and don’t have regrets about letting our fear win, but relish in the fact that we had a great time. I remember when we went to Cancun last year and we were ziplining and rappeling through the jungle and how my family seemed timid when traveling down the cable about 8 stories above the ground. They were cautiously waiting to grab the cable, and then there is me.

Loving every minute of it, perhaps a little afraid, but really opening myself to enjoying what I was doing. This is what life is about. Really living it. I still find it so amazing when I finally started living my life, instead of being afraid of life. I had done that for so long and I refuse to do it again. Be frightened…it just may be the most fun, bestest time, you have ever had. And because of that you will treasure those memories and you will have no regrets.

Michelle Homme 2011 ©

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