Happy Thanksgiving

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Through all of my 43 years, I have been blessed. Even when I did not believe it or want to see it. Even when I dismissed it as not something I deserved. Yet, despite of it all, I am blessed. Words have been said recently that have hurt me and I guess what surprises me isn’t that they were said but who said them. Because of those words, I started heading backwards in a direction I did not want to go. It amazes me how much we believe about ourselves when others say things that should have never been said. Then, I startled spiraling down and could feel it weighing on me too. I didn’t know how to stop it, but knew I had to. Then four words were texted to me that meant the world. Funny how four simple words can tear you down faster than a tent in a tornado and four other words can right the sails on your boat. This week is about gratefulness and blessings and all of the things that we humbly have in our lives that allow us to carry through from day-to-day. I have a husband that adores me and loves me and has for over a quarter of a century. I have three wonderful sons, and other family members that I absolutely treasure, love, and miss every single day. I have true friends who love what I bring to the table and make my world everything it should be. I love my job, have enough food to eat, and reliable transportation. I have much more than others do and I am extremely grateful for all my blessings this year. Remind yourself to be thankful for what you have and all that you cherish. And when you doubt if you have blessings, look where they always reside…in your heart. That will tell you all ever need to know. Happy Thanksgiving!

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