The choices we make

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We make choices every day, even without really thinking about some of them.  We decide when we go to bed for the night…we decide what to eat for breakfast…we decide how we use our time.  Sometimes, the choices we make are much more difficult…whether or not to accept a new job…or to withdraw from a relationship…or even which college to attend.  We choose what we choose…whether it is who we love or what we believe.  We still choose.  At times, I have chosen the easy road because it was, well, easy.  It was easier for me to run than it was for me to fight through the uncomfortableness and uncertainty.  Lately, I have been complacent about something else and have even given myself a “pass” as to why I was not measuring up and it took someone else mentioning her goals to me for me to realize it.  It is not a competition, but is something that I needed to hear, in not so many words.  Growing accustomed to the ways I had allowed things to settle was taking me back down the “going through the motions” road and I have not felt the energy I used to feel.  I can’t do that.  I have to choose something else.  It means I have to work harder and push myself more…even when I want to give up.  Even when no one else is there to encourage me.  I have to keep going.  What choices are you barely making?  Are you taking a stand for something you believe in, even if no one else is standing beside you?  Be an Army of One.  I am.  As difficult as it is for us to make the choices we are required to make, it is almost just as difficult watching others make their choices too.  Especially, if they are hurtful to you in some way.  Sometimes, we crash and burn because of the choices we make and it can be heartbreaking watching our loved ones do the same, especially if we saw it coming.  But we cannot help them make their choices just as they cannot make ours.  I have had to make some difficult choices in my life, but I always knew they were right for me, even if I disappointed others by doing so and I know I have.  I have not lived my life for anyone else, but me.  Make your own choices in this life and be grateful for whatever they teach you.  “You will never change your life until you change your choices. “ – Unknown

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