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How can you expect things to remain the same when people are in a different place than they were before?  In the same regard, you could not expect different things to happen if you remain in the same place.  I apologized to someone a few weeks ago about how I regretted how things between us kind of fell apart, with no real explanation.  I think I know why, but didn’t expect the reaction from her to be what I received.  But I cannot change that either.  We are creatures that move…we grow…we change.  Change is not necessarily bad, just different.  Our attitude towards change usually dictates our perception of that same change.  When I first started losing weight and started having a different outlook, someone told me, “You are not the same Homme you used to be.”  He was right, but not sure that he fully embraced the new “Homme”.  Even though we travel different paths, meet new people, and experience new adventures, some things still stay the same.  We still love each other, just the same.  We still support each other, even though.  We still would be on the next plane, if the call came.  I’m glad things change because we learn more and we continue to push ourselves to be better than we were before.  The name of this blog is CONSTANT CHANGE for a reason.  The water on the waterfall changes…it is not the same water.  New water flows over the rocks and travels down the path gravity intends it to go.  But, the rocks are still the same.  Some things remain constant, never moving, standing firm.  Don’t fight what you cannot change — which is that change is inevitable.  Change is just different.

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