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Learn what you want and allow yourself to ask for it.  That is going to be one of the hardest things you ever do…giving yourself permission to want more…to want different…and to go after it.  Not one of us are immune to dreams that gently plant themselves in our soul, where they continue to grow, and at times, pester us into action.  What do we do about it?  Do we just let them be constant reminders of something not yet tried and then develop into full-fledged regrets?  If coaching a baseball team makes you happy, then do it.  If opening a clothing boutique makes you happy, then do it.  If writing a book makes you happy, then do it.  But before we ever get to that point, you have to ask for it.  You have to see that you have more to give and find a way to give more of you away to others.  Dreams are there to remind of what could be and there are days that people who are living their dreams may have to be reminded that it is real — that they truly are living their dreams.  Ask any of the Olympians we have been cheering on for the last week or so, who have inspired us with their stories of heartache, financial worry, and health scares.  Others have us smiling just because of the feats they accomplish and the history that is being written.  Ask for your life to be all it can be…and then, and only then…will you receive it.

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