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“Wow!”  What would you say if you have the power to affect change?  That people would listen or change their behavior because of something you said or did?  I am ALWAYS amazed and humbled when I am reminded of this concept when it relates to me.  I am not perfect, and I have not lived a perfect life.  When people offer compliments to me, I quickly accept them, and want to move on to the next topic, as my stomach quietly turns in circles.  But when someone takes the time to say something to me about something I said or wrote and how they saw things in a different way, then that is how change occurs.  People that are willing to put down views they may have had for years to see something in a different way is how we move forward.  It is a never-ending cycle that means progress is inevitable and we must adapt to that progress.  People love hope…it gives them something to reach for and hold onto when there is nothing else.  Every day at work, I see hope.  I see futures that can only become better and because hope exists, it in turn gives me hope.  People are burning out on situations at work and want to give up because that is easier.  I told someone the other day, “Giving in is different from giving up.”  Do you know why?  Because giving up means you are walking away while giving in means you are allowing it to come to you.  You can change your world…you can change how people see the world and how they react to it.  But you have to try and you even if you think people do not think like you do, people will listen to more hope and find inspiration where it never existed before.  It will drive them to all become disciples of how we are wish we could live, but were afraid to before now.  But, as I am finding out…people are at the brink of finding out what their hearts say to them…and they are listening…

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