Being brave

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My tag line for many years could have been, “The brave may not live for long, but the cautious never really live at all.”   Not any more.  But being brave is about tackling and overcoming our fears.  Fear is fear, and it doesn’t matter what it is.  By no means does this mean that I am no longer afraid…it just means that I am less afraid.  I was cautious..I was protected…I was safe.  For the situations I could control, I did that.  I kept tabs on the people involved and kept them at arm’s length, but usually farther away.  Do you do that?  Play it safe?  I still do in most aspects of my life.  Some people might think I am brave running at 5am by myself — they would never think of doing that — but I am comfortable with it.  Just as I am in my tennis shoes and shorts vs wearing a dress and heels.  I may look good, but inside I feel like I am trapped in someone else’s body.  Sometimes being brave means standing up for someone who can’t…sometimes it means being an Army of One…sometimes it means planting the seed.  Being brave means doing what you are compelled to do without having any regard for yourself and knowing that paying an enormous price means you are willing to lose it, should it come to that.  Life is hard, and it will mold you to do things you never thought possible.  It will guide you to those that will influence you in ways you never saw coming.  You are more than you think you are.  We are inspired by each other when tragedy speaks to us…when loved ones suffer horrible loss…when we fall to our knees, begging, “Why?”, knowing than an adequate answer will never come.  Being brave is moving ahead when these speed bumps come our way…and they come to all of us.  Being brave gives you strength to overcome your past so that you can dictate your future.  Being brave is a feeling that results in action that people admire and label it as “brave”…truth be told, we are just being who we are.  I encourage you today to be brave…let down the fears that hold you back from being all you are.  it does nothing for any of us, because we both know that you can be more.  Be brave!

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