The best job we all secretly want but are afraid to have

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The best job ever


Regardless of who we are, we all want a job that pays well and allows us to advance in our career.

Some jobs are better paying than others while others have really great benefits and schedules.

But you want to know the best kind of job we all want?

The one that fills our heads with ideas and possibility while filling our hearts with joy and happiness!

The kind of work that uses our best God-given talents and skills — when we become one with the Universe.

When our strengths and dreams come together, it manifests itself into an assignment we never knew we were given.

Listen to your dreams

For too many of us, we ignore our secret wishes and downplay what our life’s purpose is. Instead, we take mediocre jobs which we always find ways to complain about later.

Life only gives us so many chances to chase down work that is fulfilling and rewarding.

We live a practical life, keeping to the steady course.

Yet as we get older, we realize what we sacrificed for a dream never chased, a responsibility never assumed.

Before too long, we are forced to live with to face a regret so big, we find it hard to hide from it.

It is not by chance that we were born with what it takes to make this world better if we weren’t meant to use any of it.

Our soul is created with a purpose and a passion that can not be found anywhere else…

and the best way to draw that our of us is to put it to work…

Our dream job

When we put our dreams and gifts together, something magical happens.

We not only find the truest form of who we are, but we tap into the essence of our inner being.

Our work doesn’t feel like other work does; instead, it relaxes us and brings us more energy.

It flows through our spirit and into the world, leaving traces of it everywhere.

What is the ONE thing that lights that fire?

That one joy that isn’t found anywhere else?

The thought, idea, or vision you just can’t seem to let go of?

THAT’S your dream job.

Have the courage to chase it down and make it a part of you as much as you are a part of it.

Never let fear decide for you…it keeps you from your true purpose.

And the world cannot survive when you withhold your greatness from it.

No resume or application needed.

You don’t need to search your phone for references or dates of employment.

THIS job is ready. Are you?

Michelle A. Homme 2017 ©



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