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We have all been broken at one time or another in our lives. We have all felt sorrow, pain, grief, and sadness, too. Perhaps even some of us have felt so much pain, that it comes to us when we are alone, where we need to go. Have you ever felt like you have been in this place, when you are in the shower, on your knees, bawling? Like a baby. When there is nothing left to give, until you give it all away? Until you let it go? You cannot stop until you are done, but you have to get through it to get past it. Maybe you haven’t been there, but you have been close. I have been married for almost 22 years and since my parents divorced when I was young, I wanted to ensure that my marriage lasted – for good. My husband and I believe that our marriage is the foundation of our lives – nothing else works if we don’t work. Not our kids, not our jobs, not our bills, not our house, etc. NOTHING. If the foundation to your life is not strong and held together by love, understanding, compassion, and trust, then nothing else will work either. We raise to the occasion when we are pushed to see how much we can take. We are stronger than we think we are…we find courage when we are afraid…we believe in hope against all odds…Where do you find your strength? In books? In movies? In church? In friends? Do you ever look to find it within yourself? Some people forget to look there. Start there first, because sometimes you can stop there. Be strong today!

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