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This past Friday, I had lunch with two BUNKO ladies and we had a nice chance to catch up. They see each other more than I had seen them, so we were mostly catching up on me. I also told them I was sorry for not being all that I should have been when we were together. They said that I didn’t need to, but understood why I felt like I needed to apologize. They forgave me. Later on Friday, I also received some good news after waiting for a couple of days for a potential speed bump that would require a huge decision from me. But, I didn’t have to make that choice and everything worked out. Rocky was so excited when I told her…I think she actually skipped in the street! I drove up to see our son on Saturday and surprised him and that made the 2.5 hour trip one way worth it – just to see him smile and get a hug. I will take one all day long. Life still has some unanswered questions for me, but we are taking them all in stride with information as it comes, with no worries. I also have a wonderful family and friends who love me and care for me like I never really appreciated before. That is clearly evident to me now. I am more blessed than ever, but not because these blessings just showed up all at one moment. My life has always been blessed but never did I express my regard for it like I am now. I know we all take things for granted at times, (who doesn’t?) but we also need to remember to be grateful for what we have. I will admit (reluctantly) that I can be stubborn and dedicated (some have even called me pig-headed) at times when others are giving me advice that I do not want to hear. Who hasn’t done that too? I know that when my friends are trying to help or that they worry about me, I understand why. I don’t necessarily like it because I am better at helping others than I am at letting others help me. Welcome those little pleasures that make you smile…treasure your friends…love your family. Your life is simply awesome, too. You just have to believe that it is. Have a wonderful night…see you soon.

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