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Do you ever have such a great day and laugh so hard at the silliest things that your side just aches? The other day, Rocky and I were laughing so hard I could hear her smiling through the phone. Even when I heard her say, “Bye”, I could tell she was happy. Just the word “kitty” makes us smile – inside joke, long story. She told me she started thinking about how many inside jokes we have that no one else would get and we seem to have so much fun together. Today, we were at the neighborhood park and went down the curvy slide just once and then we continued on our walk today. Yes, I even hit my head on the roof – I guess the park equipment is made for shorter people, but it was dark and I did not have my glasses or contacts on. Our biggest fear was that we were going to get stuck going down this red plastic slide and that would have made us laugh even more – at 5:30am. Good thing no one was around, but we would not have cared. It is these simple times, when we laugh and smile and just forget about everything else in life that seems so natural and comfortable. Do you remind yourself not to get too caught up in everyday chaos and just laugh and smile? Do you remember to be joyful? We need to do that more. We all have times when we have to step up and complete tasks and take on responsibilities. That is just a part of life – even when it is ugly and we don’t like it. Sharing a smile with someone does something for you, too. I love to send cards and surprise people with little thoughts of happiness and love. Be goofy, laugh out loud, and be happy. Take time to smell the flowers, appreciate the good things in your life, and take an honest, vested interested in those that matter to you. As I visited with a co-worker today who recently lost someone she loved, she told me that she can tell who really cares about her when people say, “Please let me know if there is anything I can do.” I hope that she knows that I mean it when I say it to her. She is finding ways to laugh again. This weekend, I was driving up to see our son and an hour and a half from home, I am driving next to someone from work that is totally seeing me focused and singing my little heart away to whatever happened to be playing on my radio at that moment. I talked to TS yesterday about it and we just laughed because we saw each other on the interstate so far from home. I didn’t even care that I was in my own little world, singing off-key. Laugh and have fun…life is way too short not to and you have to enjoy it.

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