Spring is new life

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Spring is probably my favorite season, but it has new meaning this year. Last year, I was in such a whirlwind that I was not sure what was happening. I had words and phrases that would just come to me, whenever; I started running (at 5am needless to say); and my entire outlook on life dramatically changed. For the good. I never saw it before, but I love watching the flowers (remember the bud vs. bloom post) come up from the ground after a long sleep. That is where we are…ready to come out of our slumber and show the world who we are. The green grass represents growing and color where dull and drab was over the cold winter. We are vibrant and exciting and ready to let the world see us bloom. I have messed up in my life, but hopefully not so badly that I cannot fix it or will not be forgiven. Faith comes at this time of year as it is restored into most Christians as we celebrate Easter. Every flower is unique as each of us are and it is imperative that we take our call from Mother Nature and share our selves, without hesitation with everyone around us. You have been given a chance to change your life…are you willing to do it? What would you do if you were not afraid? We would probably do lots of things…but are you willing to try? Even if you could fail? Would you feel worse for trying and failing or failing to try? Now is the perfect time to start a new – to try something you never thought you would. Rocky and I just celebrated our 1st year anniversary from our first running morning. I remember being so nervous about what to expect, seriously thinking to myself, “What did I get myself into?” Taking a chance on something new, something completed off my radar at the time, makes me better. The other day, I was not feeling my MOXIE, and I had to ask someone, “How do I get inspired when I am so used to inspiring others?” D told me that I need to get inspiration from others, just like others do. I find inspiration in admiring people who are so committed to their dreams that they stop doing what was expected of them. They leave the job they were educated for and follow their hearts. That is inspiring to me – for someone to have that kind of courage to walk away and be firm in their beliefs. It is spring – what new life do you want for you? It can be done. Go get it.

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