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I am at a crossroads, looking for signs on what to do next every where. If you see one, please let me know. I found myself in two different conversations over the last 24 hours that as I was processing my thoughts and giving input to others, I realized (sometimes in mid-sentence) exactly what I was saying to others, I needed to hear as well. My oldest son was sharing with me about someone he knew that appeared to him to always take the easy way out of difficult circumstances. I politely reminded our son that “our family does not quit something because it is difficult. We go through it BECAUSE it is difficult.” Do you remember when I mentioned the speed bump that was in front of me on the road I am traveling? Well, that speed bump was tackled and yet a few more have appeared, and we will see what happens then. Then, my sister calls who is struggling with taking on a full-time job after being without work since February of last year, but she also has been at home with her son since he was born in September. She can tell me every reason to take on the new responsibilities and her reason for not is she feels like she will be taking time away from her son. I get that. I was encouraging her to look at the bigger picture, not just what she could see now – wanting her to see things that are not even present yet. Last night, I was wondering if those two were signs about a potential decision that I may have to make and what steps do I need to take to make that decision, should it be necessary. Yesterday, I wrote, “It is more difficult to pursue our dreams than it is to give up on those that were never meant to be.” We need to find the courage to follow those dreams, regardless of what they are or when they will happen. We have to believe in them in order for them to become reality. Giving advice is easy – taking it is another. I have wonderful friends who believe in my dream and are always supportive. Yesterday, one told me that this may not be happening the way I expected it to, but maybe those speed bumps are there for reasons also. I don’t like the saying, “It is what it is” so I changed it to, “It is as it is meant to be.” I guess it all comes down to me needing to practice. I am working on it. Get your MOXIE on!

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